Saturday, June 24, 2017

Downsizing (link)

Here are some helpful suggestions from for when you need to downsize: Things to consider before you downsize

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Outdoor disguises (link)

Here are some suggestions from on how to cover up nuisances outside and improve your landscape: 10 ideas for your outdoors

I need to hide a compost bin; the backyard is too new and bare. Maybe that fake bush would work...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Renovation mistakes to avoid (link)

Measure twice, cut once, etc. Making a plan and avoiding mistakes. From Reno Mistakes That Could Cost You

Yes! And don't gut everything just because you see those flippers with sledge hammers on "reality" shows. And every time you decide to remove something that was trendy back in the day, think twice about today's trends!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Remodeling update

Replacing the carpet in the living room was a really big project. The adhesive was stubborn! Our contractor had to rent a machine and do a lot of manual scraping besides to get rid of it, but the porcelain tile floor is beautiful! It's American Olean Stoneview Sky Gray/Matte; the tiles are 12 by 24 (actually 23,81 by 11.81). It's a wavy gray pattern, and we love it. Oh, the last two boxes of tile had broken and cracked tiles so he had to run down to Lowe's to get more. Fortunately they were in stock!

Then he finished our brick accent wall in the foyer; we had to order more bricks because we ran out. It is impressive; the bricks (1/2" thin brick) are tumbled so it looks old, though you do notice some of the white wall behind it because they are tumbled.... It's on the wall with the door so you don't see it until you turn around. We mixed the colors: Dixie Clay and Boston Mill (separate boxes). Btw, our contractor was James Stewart, who was patient and thorough, and we appreciate his help in making our house a home.

Next up was the screened back porch; that took several days because it kept storming; the guys were often wet, but they persevered and finished up late one night (before dark though). Today we bought two troughs for the downspouts and a door mat for the back screened door. I want to get an outdoor rug or two to dress it up--and a table for eating out there that's weather proof. 

Next up: Choosing a roofer.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Interesting ways to use wallpaper (link)

Check out the variety of ways you can use wallpaper besides on your walls: Wallpaper It 

I don't even want to think about trying to apply it to a ceiling! But I came across some old wallpaper recently that is pretty and subtle. I have yet to figure out how or where to use it. I need to line some drawers and cabinets, but this won't work for that... I'll have to look at it again--and these ideas.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Moving in update

We're keeping our contractor busy as we add extra projects to the original list! The microwave is installed--we didn't have one--but it had to be lowered so I didn't need to stand on my tippytoes to see inside. We had to remove the cabinet doors that flanked the stove top hood for that project so we removed a pair of cabinet doors on the adjacent wall to match that open shelving. That also freed up the cabinet pulls that we were running short of. We now have three different cabinet pulls in the kitchen: bin pulls, bar pulls, and knobs, but they match. (I think it looks cool!).  

Then we had him remove the door to the garage in the kitchen which gives us more room in that corner, and it looks much better without the old door. He had to add trim to hide the changes caused by removing the four cabinet doors; then he painted the trim, the dry wall that replaced the door, and after that he painted the garage walls. The garage is much lighter now; we can see everything better.

We ran out of bricks for our brick accent wall in the foyer, but we've ordered more; and the next big project will be removing the carpet in the living room and replacing it with tile...

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Small bathroom design ideas

Here are some design suggestions for your bathroom from 20 design ideas

Frankly, I find most of these patterns and ideas too cluttered.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We've moved!

We're finally moved; the movers moved our stuff (Two Men and a Truck, but we had two trucks and maybe six guys) March 22. There was a delay because of the two closings, but the guys were patient. It was hectic up to then--and afterwards!

We had to do a number of updates, and we're not done. We put in a new AC unit first, and then had a plumber and electrician each doing a number of updates. We'll have a contractor doing more projects in May, and we're also adding a screened porch in a few weeks. And then there's the landscaping; we clear cut the back yard--took out all the old trees--and removed all the bushes out front.  And we had to put in a fence; until that was done--after about three weeks--I had to take Blizzard out on leash.

So, every day we do various projects--some big and some small. This includes all the landscaping; there are a lot of new plants to water now.

We had friends over for Easter dinner after church. This house has a small kitchen and oven. Ditto for the fridge and freezer--a side-by-side. Certainly not something I would have bought. And we don't have a microwave yet. That complicated dinner.

We've unpacked most of the boxes in the garage now; I had to wait for a shelving unit. And then we had ReStore (Habitat for Humanity) pick up more boxes of stuff again. The house is small--about half the size of the Beacon house--and there's no dining room. We got rid of a lot of furniture too, and for guests we have to bring in a table from the living room. Now we're waiting for more contractors...

We have nice neighbors, btw; it's a good neighborhood. When we finally have our projects--most anyway--done, we'll have an open house, as usual after we move.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jake the mythic mule is interviewed by Lisa Burton!

Meet Jake (from Detour Trail) as he talks about his life on the frontier and his companions: Jake and Lisa Burton (robot girl)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Smashwords ebook sale: March 5-11

Detour Trail, my western romance about adventure along the Oregon Trail, is half price on Smashwords March 5-11:

Hot Yellow Planet (sequel to Pretty Pink Planet) is free during the Smashwords sale:
Pretty Pink Planet (Lori and Chiing's first adventure) is always free on Smashwords:
Hidebound (SF adventure/romance) is also on sale (half price):

Remodeling: Buying and Updating a Foreclosure is also half price:

Friday, February 17, 2017

Home sale update

Well, we finally sold our house, after dropping the price again, and had to look for a new house. We love our neighborhood because of the stores in the big nearby mall and other businesses and restaurants so we concentrated our search here and found one close enough; it's on the other side of the mall, and it will make our northward treks longer, but it meets our needs. Okay, it needs work inside and out, including fencing and landscaping.

The home inspection there gave us a list of fixes needed, but the sellers will take care of some of them, and our contractor for the remodeling will catch the rest. We're looking forward to the move, but--after getting some mover estimates--we see that we will need to get rid of more stuff. We'll be having another garage/moving sale next month...

Our home inspection here, btw, passed with flying colors. Our remodeling and maintenance helped.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The color of the year is green (link)

According to HGTV. com, the color of the year is lime green. Interesting range of lime greens, though I didn't care for them: Color of the Year: Greenery