Thursday, November 25, 2004

More about house plans

There are stock plans (you can adapt them) and developers' plans (you can walk through them).  There are lots of plans in magazines and books; they often come in categories, or you can design your own from scratch.  You can work with your builder, a draftsman, an architect, ...  Make changes on paper!  If you make a lot of changes, you may have to get a higher mortgage.  Upgrades mount up and can be the ultimate sticker shock.

Make choices about appliance, windows, doors, sink, etc. placement.  Look at your current home; where would you put everything in your new home?  We made most of our changes on paper.  There's always a chance that your changes won't make it to the contractor's plans.  Keep an eye on things...

Remember blueprints are copyrighted.  Be sure to get as many as you need--maybe 8 to 10 sets.  They also come in vellum, which are better for making changes.  And I believe you can only use a set of blueprints once.

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