Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Time Saving Suggestions

Start with the basics:Group your errands so you can do them in a circle. Be ahead when possible. Get an extra roll of toilet paper out before you need it. You do it when you can--not when someone is yelling for it. Saves time and aggravation. Ditto for paper towels and anything you need to replace. Do it before you need do--at your convenience.

Put things going somewhere--another room, a friend's house, recycling--in the same place always and take them when you go there. If you can train your family to do this also--what a relief.

Do one extra cleaning chore--cleaning the microwave, fridge top, stove burners, wiping off one kitchen or fridge shelf--every time you do the dishes.

Ditto for the bathroom and for the whole house. Do a little something when you're in that room. Don't try to do everything at once--so impossible and tiring even to think about.

Do one outside chore--weed one flower bed, mow one patch of grass (you set the dimensions) every night or every other night or as frequently as works for YOU.

Pull a few weeds every time you let the dog out. It's good to get outside with your pets AND accomplish something AND enjoy your yard. Also, don't rake your leaves--let them be or mulch them. (Earth needs the organic matter.)

TV watching time:Use commercials and the remote to read, feed the cat, clean the birds' tray, shake out a rug, vaccuum the living room. Commercials nowdays take enough time so you can almost clean the whole house one night during commercials.

That is, if you keep organized and neat. Do the little things now instead of putting them off until they pile up and fall down on your head. I know people who do some things twice--look at the mail or a magazine twice; start something, leave it, and start over. Finish it now!

To save your sanity and your time, be flexible and do your chores--like you'd chew your food if you had time--in small bites.

And remember, "There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over."


Anonymous said...

Lord knows I can really use these! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

These are great!  Thanx.  :)


Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to try some of these they seem really good...maybe I can cut down on some of my mess by taking baby steps....Sandi