Friday, March 11, 2005

Book review

Building a Cool House for Hot Times Without Scorching the Pocketbook       We've all heard that TV commercial that goes, "Don't leave home without it." Well, if you're thinking about building a home and want to do it right, "Don't build your home without it (this book.)"     Author Joy V. Smith describes herself as a resident of Florida, which is "hot and humid with possible hurricanes and subsequent loss of power." Whoo-eee! Means lots of air-conditioning, right? No! Author Smith set as one of her housing goals a home that didn't need to rely on air conditioning. In Florida? Sounds impossible.     But it isn't. Because Author Smith did her homework, you don't have to. She put several years into gathering the information that goes into a low-maintenance, high-comfort home -- even one in Florida!     How do you find the right location? house plans? the right builder? the right financing. Author Smith knows, because she slogged through the process step by step; and she documents it, so you don't have to.     She kept a diary of the building process - a day-by-day account of who did what and how it turned out. Just thinking about all that activity made me want to take a nap, a long one. Thank goodness Author Smith did all the leg work -- all I had to do was read about it, which was exhausting enough. But those things have to be done, and Smith tells how, when and where.     Anyone serious about building a house -- in Florida or anywhere else -- will save a lot of time, money, effort and energy by studying this modest-sized (61) page book. It will repay your efforts many times over.         --

Jean Goldstrom             



Anonymous said...


Great review!!!! I bought your book for my sister who is building a new home!!!!


Anonymous said...


Thank you!  I look forward to hearing more about your sister's new home!!