Monday, March 28, 2005

Home improvement poll

Reading articles in the newspaper and magazines and watching the remodelling home shows makes you wonder if everyone is buying granite, marble, Silestone, etc. for their countertops.  Is laminate truly a thing of the past?  Do floors have to be wood or tile?  "Throw away the vinyl," says a realtor; it gives bathrooms and kitchens a dated feel.  Use one-piece slabs of marble or solid surfaces in shower stalls.  Upgrade your closet with an organizational system, especially if you don't have a walk-in closet.  "High quality materials are now common in modest-sized homes."  And then you see people tearing out quality materials when they remodel because it's dated or it isn't them...  What are your priorities when remodelling?  Are you influenced by the shows and ads you see?  How important is being on the cutting edge to you?

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Anonymous said...

I agree absolutely--the waste, even of high end materials like marble, slate, brick, and tile, is unbelievable, and if I hear one more person say "that everybody has granite now", I will drop a piece of same, on their pointy little head.