Sunday, April 24, 2005

Selling your house

I'm reading a book, Freakonomics; and it mentions terms used in real estate listings.  Here are five terms, the authors say, that correlate to a lower sale price for homes: Fantastic, Spacious, !, Charming, and Great Neighborhood.    Want a higher sales price? [they say]  Then use the following terms: Granite, State-of-the-art, Corian, Maple, and Gourmet.    


Anonymous said...

terms: Granite, State-of-the-art, Corian, Maple, and Gournet.    I have not one!!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I think spacious is a word that works for me!  I have at least learned to see through 'hardwood floors' :-)

Anonymous said...


I don't have them either.  I do have Spacious (and hard to clean) and Great Neighborhood (developers love it...).  Now where should I put that exclamation mark?

Anonymous said...


What was the problem with the hardwood floors?  (That would have got my attention.)