Thursday, May 12, 2005

Adopt a wolf (NWF)

You can adopt a wolf through the National Wildlife Federation:  (A friend gave me this as a birthday gift a few years ago.)  You can also adopt a panther.  You get a plush toy, an adoption certificate, and a subscription to National Wildlife magazine, which is a great magazine full of beautiful pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wisconsin taxpayers have adopted plenty of wolves lately.  Or at least started paying big bucks to clean up after the damage they do to herds and flocks.

Mind you, if it comes to choosing between a wolf and a sheep I'll ask the wolf if he's willing to share.  

But when these predators start taking out little kids I think the majority of humans will revert to our original attitude toward them-- paying for skins rather than plush toys.

Anonymous said...


Down here, it's gators.  I think they can take them off the endangered list now.