Friday, May 27, 2005

Building Green

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Anonymous said...

How do you mean 'care' I guess I have to ask.  Did I make a point to buy an air conditioner that was the most efficient I could get and had a thermostat to shut off the condenser?  Yes.  Did I buy an air conditioner instead of not using electricity for cooling?  Yes :-)

All things being equal I suppose I buy 'green' over non-green.  But the products are rarely equal.

Anonymous said...


I think making any choice for green is good.  I know that most of our choices are for non-green options: buying products that are efficient for our needs, etc.  We buy organic/free range eggs now and then, and I was surprised at how small they are; and, of course, some organic food is more expensive.  Life is full of hard choices; but homeowners can cut back on pesticides and plant butterfly-friendly plants and natives and learn more about what they're doing.