Friday, June 3, 2005

Your dog's home

Puppies prefer to be outside, don't they? Many people believe that given a choice dogs would prefer to be outside. This isn't true - not of adult dogs or puppies. Your puppy is pack-oriented and if you're inside he doesn't want to be left in the backyard on his own. However, if you're outside, he's happy to be in the backyard - because that's where you are. If you're at work your pup will feel more secure in the house, which is his den. If your pup is left outside for extended periods other animals, or storms that he has no protection from, may frighten or injure him. Some puppies develop behavioral problems when they are turned out of their den on a daily basis. Get more information on puppies that live outside. From: Your PEDIGREE® Puppy Scoops newsletter

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