Saturday, August 27, 2005

Architectural salvage


If you're thinking about building or remodelling, you could start browsing architectural salvage stores now.  For more information, here's the link for Architectural Salvage News: Architectural Salvage

We were at Florida Victorian Architectural Antiques in DeLand today, btw.  They have a huge selection of indoor and outdoor architectural pieces!  We've bought a few things there over the years, including our green 1920s pedestal bathroom sink.  (The sink is much greener than it looks in this photo.)  Here's their website link: FLORIDA VICTORIAN ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUES | Vintage building & house materials and parts


Anonymous said...

I love exploring salvage companies!!!! Are you going to share a photo your bathroom sink?

Anonymous said...


I found a photo of the sink, but it's not great.