Saturday, August 27, 2005

Katrina update 3

Katrina's a category 3 hurricane now and still heading west.  It's supposed to turn north...  We're getting rain bands--mostly clouds.


Anonymous said...

At first I was worried about the Katrina rain hitting my nephew in North Carolina so soon after the earthquake there.  Now the newsies are talking about a billion dollars in damage to New Orleans-- assuming landfall at low tide-- and more at high tide.

Can you actually say land and New Orleans in the same sentence?

The Weather Channel lady just told us that coverage of Hurricane Contina would Katrinue after these commercials... :-)

Anonymous said...


I would never want to live in a place below sea level.  I saw the cars leaving on the Weather Channel; sorry I missed the tongue twister.

What North Carolina earthquake?!

Anonymous said...

There was a small earthquake in NC a few days ago.  Nothing major, but my nephew and his family live up in the hills so things could get shook loose just in time for heavy rains to cause mudslides.  Not much chance of that now with Katrina so far west.

On August 23 you mentioned Tropical Depression 12.  Now that storm is a category 5 hurricane closing in on New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

Joy-- I just tried to email you some before and after photos from Camille, the last hurricane of this strength to make landfall while still a category 5.  Your emailer daemon sent me a permanent fatal error message.