Wednesday, September 14, 2005

House-building anecdote

I mention in my house book that since I lived on site, I learned that window screens aren't installed until the end of the building process so they're not damaged, so I didn't have screens in the bedroom I camped out in until a couple colorful spiders started running around the bedroom and spinning webs.  Then I put screens in all that room's windows except for the one that the temporary power line came in from the temp pole.  Fortunately Xena didn't realize she could use the windows as doors until shortly before the screens were installed in the whole house.  She had just begun jumping out of the windows when they put the screens in.  So one day, and I'm glad I was there to see it, she tried to jump out the office window--not realizing there was a screen there; and she bounced back and fell on the floor.  Even though the screen caused her to rebound off it, it did fall out.  I whipped outside and put it back in before she tried again.  I was really grateful it stopped her because escape artists are dogs who realize that if they keep persevering, they will succeed.

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