Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rita afterword

A friend in Canada said they got a lot of rain yesterday from the rest of Hurricane Rita; there was flooding in Quebec City.  I was glad to hear that friends in Houston and Arkansas (some rain and power outages) are fine.

My friend in Houston said: "I flew out the 2nd day of evacuations, but took all the backroads to the airport & went Very/Very early on Thursday - they closed the airport on Fri/Sat & then I came back Sun when it was back up again & the traffic was ghostly on the way back home...today [Monday] no work or school so everyone can get back into town & they can refill the gas stations!"

Later: Today [Tuesday], ... went out to the local post office [and] grocery [and] found the shelves were getting restocked ... Tomorrow/Wednesday ...it is Back to Work & Back to School, so it's time to beat the heat (another day of 100 degrees) & move on as best we can."  [Btw, my friend wasn't evacuating; it was a planned trip...]

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