Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Wilma is now a category 5.  (Wow!  That was fast!)  The cone of uncertainty covers most of the peninsula, though it'll probably be south of us, but you can't tell this early.  This year is tied for most hurricanes--12; the last time was 1969.  And this is the lowest pressure ever.  It's predicted to come across the state as a 3.  (Whoa!  I was hoping for a 2 or 1.)


Anonymous said...

Right now the Yucatan is the wrong place to be.  Wilma apparently is going to visit a number of places before settling down to her main track into the USA.  More time for you to prepare and for the mainstream media to forget :-)

Anonymous said...


Wilma is certainly taking her time.  It looks like she may sit on the Yucatan for a day or so, which makes the flooding worse.