Monday, October 31, 2005

Paint swatches

It's hard making a color choice for the inside and the outside of your house.  I had to repaint the kitchen (that color just didn't work with the countertops), but I caught the trim color in the Great Hall before they'd gone all the way down the hall from the front door to the back door.  (That Polo green on the doors really hit you between the eyes.) Now there's Glidden's Peel & Stick paint samples; the 4x6 inch paper swatches stick to any surface and peel off .  Sixty options are grouped into six palettes of 10 shades each; the cost is $3.00 per palette.  (I came across this in the November issue of Home.)


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion. Get as many of those free paint swatch cards as you can. When you need to get curtains to match your king size bed covering, mark the color on your paint swatch card that you can carry with you sooo much more easily than you can carry your king size bed quilt. Always keep a large file of cards with "your" colors marked on them.

Anonymous said...


Thanks!  That is a great idea!!