Friday, October 14, 2005

Saving money while building a house

Here's another book with money-saving advice:

Blueprint Affordable: How to Build a Beautiful House without Breaking the Bank

Author Michelle Kodis includes an amazing list of helpful information, guidelines, and tips to follow throughout the planning and building process such as: keep a simple floor plan; opt for off-the-shelf stock sizes, which cost less than their customized counterparts; choose locally available materials; study your building site's climate and weather patterns, and focus on an architectural plan that shields the home from the elements; omit a basement where possible-you'll save thousands on excavation costs; do your own research and purchase your own lighting fixtures, paint, carpet, and appliances instead of hiring an outside consultant to do so.

Budget-mindedness and beauty don't live on opposite sides of the architectural block, as the ten houses in Blueprint Affordable strikingly demonstrate. As exceptional as they are in their design, these houses all share one key attribute: from the very beginning, before their owners' dreams were transformed into exciting realities, everything from the floor plan to building materials and finishes was driven by limited financial resources.

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