Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sugar Time

Sugar Time is an audiobook comprised of three related short stories: "Sugar Time," "Flight Test," and "Return to Neander."  It's a time travel adventure featuring a full cast, music and sound effects.  Maxwell Sweet along with two professors have been conducting secret experiments in an old Victorian mansion outside Galveston, Texas. However, the two professors have vanished and Maxwell Sweet has fallen ill. Now, it's up to Sweet's tough-as-nails niece to find out what happened to the project - a working time machine...

Sugar Time is available from Project Pulp , and it will be available at the Hadrosaur Productions table at TusCon the weekend of November 18.

(Note, a fourth "Sugar Time" tale entitled "Flashback" was published in print form in issue 16 of Hadrosaur Tales, also available from Project Pulp .)


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