Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wilma update

The Wednesday evening forecast said that Wilma might not even come near us, though the Weather Forecast track hadn't changed yet; the late night forecast said that Wilma had slowed down and was now a category 4, but it was back on the track headed for Florida.  The noon forecast had it wobbling and still slow and showing a clear patch that wasn't the eye, and the weathermen had no idea what that meant.  Of the 45 computer models, eight were headed for central Florida, while the majority were crossing southern Florida (Naples hasn't been hit by a hurricane since Donna in 1960, btw).  One sphagetti strand is still looping back across the Yucatan and heading back into the Caribbean and possibly into Cuba.  They are expecting it to become a 5 again, but it will exit Florida as a !.  VIPER, VORTEX, and all the other cutting edge programs are disagreeing right now.  In the past, sometimes VIPER was right and the Weather Service wasn't and vice versa.  It's still too early to tell, but schools are cancelling classes; some games have been rescheduled from Friday night to tonight, and people are stocking up and evacuating.

A friend (thanks, LGD!) sent me a storm track blog with pictures and graphs; it's really neat, and here's the link: StormTrack - When God decides to flush the toilet, you need answers   


Anonymous said...

Storm Track has rotating slogans; two I liked were "If we called it DeathTrack,
you'd be too scared" and "Florida is temporarily closed."

Anonymous said...

Here's what a Wisconsin blogger says :

Florida's state tree should be plywood

We’re on W now, don’t you think everyone should be sufficiently stocked up on plywood?  So why is it that when the Tropical Storm of the Day becomes Hurricane Such-and-Such, people seem all surprised and make a mad dash to Home Depot?  You live in Florida!  You have hurricanes!  Prepare a little.

And if you’re in Wisconsin, I hate to tell you, but winter is coming.  If you don’t have your shovel or ice-scraper from last year, pick one up.

Anonymous said...

I am in south Florida, and they have no idea where this hurricane is going, Im sorry the weatherman is wrong this time.  Its gonna hit Florida maybe, but its not gonna be south Florida, no way no how.   I havent seen it even turn yet !!