Monday, December 19, 2005

Book reviews

I write book reviews now and then, and I only review books I like.  Here's one that appeared in the Writer's Digest Book Club bulletin (July 2005 issue):

The Savvy Author's Guide to Book Publicity: A Comprehensive Resource--From Building the Buzz to Pitching the Press by Lissa Warren: Carroll & Graf Publishers (2004): $14.00

Lissa Warren is a book publicist, and she takes an in-depth look at book publishing, publicity (print and broadcast coverage), and publicists. She guides you through the steps of the whole process from the author questionnaire, galley, and finished book mailings, through tours and beyond.

She shows what to expect and what to do, furnishing lists of publicists, tour companies, web marketers, etc. She covers fees and options, press releases, bios, Q & A, photos, follow-up events, ... again with lists. The frequently asked questions in chapter 7 are very helpful.

One chapter covers the interview; with tips for print, TV, radio, and web chats, including "... disdain to interviewers whom [haven't] read your book," she says, and quotes Annette Heist "...I think it is safer to assume that no one has read it."

The "Buzz" chapter includes a list of book trade shows. There's a chapter on the pitch, followed by Ten Things to Do if Your Book's Not Getting Media Attention. Then come the appendices! This book is useful!

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