Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I finished out the mulch pile yesterday (Well, once I rake the mulch up, I'll have a pile again because it covers a lot of territory.) and ordered another load from the electric company.  It's a good thing that's free because we use a lot of mulch.  We got a lot of old carpet during the weekend; a friend brought us a pickup load full after church Sunday.  We laid that out Monday morning.  We'd already laid out the carpet Saturday afternoon that we picked up Saturday morning.  All that carpet expanded several beds.  Don't forget to lay it upside down if you do this.  We got the hint from a gardening show years ago, btw.  Our goal is to have all our trees and bushes in mulched beds for ease of mowing.  Another goal is to cover the rest of the lawn with hardscape to cut down on mowing!

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Anonymous said...

Those are all good suggestions.  Remember to keep the old, used carpets pulled back from the tree trunks or shrubs, as both will grow, and use old newspapers, which will eventually rot, to fill in the areas around the trunks.  The mulch will need to be renewed annually.