Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Current happenings

Recently I nominated my neighbor for the Edy/Dreyer's ice cream Random Scoops of Kindness contest and won a free coupon for Edy's ice cream for each of us.  My entry is on their website (week 6).  Link: Random Scoops of Sweetness > Winning Entries

My short story, Seedlings, which is in the fantasy shared world anthology, Magistria: Realm of the Sorcerer, is a nominee in the SF & Fantasy short story category in the Preditors & Editors poll.  My interview with Lyn McConchie, which was in the July issue of Expressions, is in the nonfiction category.  Link: Preditors & Editors Poll

My Serenity/Firefly trivia questions, which I submitted to the official Serenity website and which helped me win enough points to get a Serenity decal, weren't posted before the website closed down.  Drat.  But they recommended another website, and I recently posted my questions there.  Look for the topic, Fun, and then look for Firefly/Serenity trivia poll, II, & III.   Here's the link: Browncoats :: Index  (You'll have to register to add replies.)

The table of contents for the sequel to Magistria: Realm of the Sorcerer is now up, though I don't know if it's finalized.  Link: Shards of the Goddess

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