Monday, February 27, 2006

Think about your house plan

When working with a house plan, be careful about door and appliance placement. Be sure the refrigerator door can open completely and not block a walkway; we had to have our fridge door rehung. Fortunately, that's easy. Be sure that your closet and bathroom doors don't block a walkway or access to your clothes, the toilet, etc. Possibly you should install pocket doors. The dishwasher should be next to the sink; the refrigerator shouldn't be next to the stove. Can you open the oven door all the way? Do you have enough room for an island stove? One woman found that she didn't have enough counter or storage space by the island stove she'd dreamed of. Measure your appliances and your spaces. One man didn't, and when he tried to install his stove, he ended up cutting down the cabinets on each side. That worked for him. You may have to order a new stove.

From Building a Cool House for Hot Times without Scorching the Pocketbook (available at Building a Cool House for Hot Times Without Scorching the Pocketbook: Books: Joy V. Smith, Barnes & Noble, ...)

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