Thursday, March 23, 2006


Our Toadhouse Collection

We have about ten toadhouses, including broken flower pots. We find them in garden stores and catalogs and have picked up a few while on vacation. Toadhouses come in simple, upside-down bowl shapes, mushrooms, tree stumps, and even little houses with a window and chimney. Our biggest toadhouse is a combination bird bath and toadhouse. I've seen one in a catalog made of wood with a thatched roof; and I just saw a toad trailer in a Gardener's Supply Company catalog.  It resembles an Airstream trailer, but I noticed that it has a floor.  I've seen one with a floor before, but I'd never get one for toads because they like to dig into the dirt--probably for coolness and safety. 

When we got our first toadhouse, we wondered if toads would really be interested, but it wasn’t long before one moved in.  Like butterflies, toads are living additions to the garden, but they're nocturnal; and they're painted in earthtones, but they are utilitarian as well, doing what they do best--eating bugs--an added benefit for the garden.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you could share a photo of your collection :).