Sunday, April 23, 2006


Even mulch is becoming more decorative.  There's red mulch, which I consider an excrescence upon the landscape, but fortunately there's a big variety of stone, organic, and rubber mulches, and, yes, I've seen the blue mulch too.  I recently got some more free loads from the electric company, btw.  As fast as we expand beds, we couldn't afford to keep buying it; and we're always replenishing beds.  And I recently spotted someone buying mulch with Weed Stop at Wal-Mart.  I'm not going to take a chance with that because of the plants and critters, but I can see that it would come in handy.  Here are some tips I came across in the Parade of Homes special section this weekend:

Get mulch that won't wash away if you can.  (After the hurricanes last year, I spent a lot of time raking mulch back into beds and scooping it up in a bucket.)  Pull mulch away from stems and tree trunks.  (I knew that!)  Wet thoroughly.  (Hmm.  I'll just spray it a bit when I water the plants.)  Fine mulches should be one to two inches deep.  Coarse mulches should be three to four inches deep.  (Interesting.  All my mulches need replenishing anyway.)


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