Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Kitchen Design

The Seven Sins of Kitchen Design was the subject of Patrick Sutton's Taking Issue column in Fine Homebuilding's Kitchens and Baths annual issue (Winter 2004).  What I found most interesting was #1: Some kitchens have too many cabinets. (Hmm.  I think you can never have too much storage in a kitchen.)  #2: Spending too much money on high end countertops; he suggests mixing materials and focusing on what you need.  (Yep.)  #5: Commercial appliances.  He points out that many other products perform better and are easier to take care of.  Commercial appliances are expensive to buy, to install, to vent, to maintain, and to repair.   #6: Backsplashes.  Sink and cooking areas are messy, yet you still see a standard-4-in.-high backsplash with drywall above.  (Yep.  We wanted a backsplash over the sink up to the window.  We should have taken a firmer stand.  We tiled it a year or so ago, and now we want to redo it again.)

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Anonymous said...

I especially like the fact that a professional has finally talked about several items that are usually pushed at clients as necessary items in a kitchen, although most kitchens do not need granite countertops or commercial applieances.  Kitchen sink backsplash problems too have long needed to be addressed.  Our builder said that the low backsplash in our kitchen was fine, but it wasn't, and has been repaired once, but now it will need a new backsplash and sink cabinet as it has rotted out, and this after being only eight years old.