Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kitchen sinks

We want to replace our kitchen sink, and I sent off for an Elkay brochure, which I got the other day.  They have a nice selection of sinks, including one that is four feet long and looks like a little river--very impractical, but if you want something pretty and unique...  It's called the Mystic.  (There's a photo of the river sink in the July/August issue of Home magazine.)  They have a good selection of faucets too.  What I want is a big double sink with a drainboard on each side; the clean dishes would go on the right and the dirty dishes on the left.  We need a drainboard on the left because water accumulates there and knives with wooden handles get soaked.  I wanted a catalog or brochure from Kohler's too, but they charge for them.  Elkay gave us a list of local kitchen & bath stores--with distances, which I will visit.    

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