Thursday, May 4, 2006

Wax ring warning

In the Great Moments column in Fine Homebuilding's Kitchens & Baths (Winter 2004 issue) was an interesting piece about a leaking toilet--The Wax Ring by Nate Thomas.  A stain appeared on the ceiling of the first floor bathroom (a second-floor bathroom had been added above the first), so he checked the second-floor toilet's wall connection and the tank fitting--no problems.  He knew the tank didn't sweat so he could rule that out, and then he cross-examined the kids to see if they'd been playing bathtub games the way he did when he was a kid...  Nope.  Finally he opened up the ceiling in the first floor bathroom and was inundated with drywall and dripping insulation.  Oh, yuck!  It was definitely a leaking toilet, and the problem turned out to be a melted wax ring.  The culprit was a small ceramic heater that the kids pulled too close to the toilet.  The heater warmed the toilet and melted the ring. 

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