Monday, June 12, 2006

Alberto update

Alberto may become a category 1 hurricane tonight.  They didn't think it would strengthen, but they've been predicting a more northward turn for a while.  We got about three inches of rain so far; I'm hoping for more.  We did put all the hoses away during a break tonight; that is a lot of hoses to haul.  I think we're up to about 800 feet of hose now. We separated some and put them in a couple beds.  I coiled up about five or six hoses in one bed; there are possibly three in the azalea bed; and one or two or three run down to the SE flower bed.

Tuesday update: It didn't become a hurricane; and we got some strong rain bands during the night.  We have almost five inches from Alberto, and we're getting occasional small rain bands today.  No water in the ditches, which is significant.

Wednesday update: The front page of the paper had a photo of a manatee in a flooded backyard at Crystal River near Kings Bay.  That is definitely something you don't see every day!  Also in Crystal River, two manatees explored the flooded front yard of an apartment building, which also flooded. 

Thursday update: I believe the remnants of Alberto are in Canada now.

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