Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fridges and ranges

I got some Sub-Zero and Wolf booklets and flyers in the mail yesterday, which I enjoyed looking at.  Sub-Zero has some lovely refrigerators and drawers.  I sort of like the glass doors, but that's extra cleaning, and I don't want anyone to see what the inside of my fridge looks like.  (Well, uh, that's just some leftovers for the dogs.)  Wolf has quite a variety of stove configurations, plus dual fuel ranges.  I wonder how easy it is to clean a deep fryer that's part of the stove... 

In Home magazine (July/August issue), I saw a new product piece about Perlick's undercounter refrigerators; they come in colors like amethyst and copper, with more to come, because of new technology that forces pigmented gases into stainless steel surfaces (involving electricity and a chamber).  You can use these indoors or out.  Prices start at $3, 050.

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