Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tropical Storm Alberto

Alberto slowly approaches; it has slowed way down.  The west side of Cuba got about 30", but so far it's mostly off shore here except for south Florida and the Keys.  Some boaters had to be rescued.  We got one or two little rain bands and some big wind gusts this afternoon.  There's a Tropical Storm Watch along the west coast.  We need the rain, though the fires weren't as bad as this year as some years, and DisneyWorld is not threatend, they say; and our pond hasn't dried up completely yet.  It's too early to tell how many plants and trees we've lost from this dry period; the drought index is high.  They're not predicting when it'll hit us, which means they're not sure.  This has been a hard storm to predict.  (They often are.)  Some of the sphaghetti strands are all over the map.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Alberto will reach hurricane force just before landfall.

Anonymous said...


Yes, and we have a hurricane watch along the Gulf coast now, though it's not a hurricane yet.