Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gutters (link)

Neglect your rain gutters and the effects may be seen inside as well as outside.

(From The HouseMaster eNewsletter)

I have to confess that I neglected my gutters until recently.  The water seemed to be coming out the downspout freely, and there aren't any trees real close to the house--well, besides the oaks...  Anyway, I finally borrowed a neighbor's extension ladder a couple weeks ago and looked down inside the gutter.  Who'd have thought it?!  The gutter was full of shingle granules in hills and valleys with little ponds.  I cleaned it out with a narrow trowel and must have climbed up and down that ladder a hundred times.  Well, it seemed that way.  I had to work my way down it again with a hose to get what I couldn't reach over the steps.  It's not as clean as it could be, but we'll have to get someone to get the bulge out (the broom handle helped a little) and make sure it's firmly attached.  It looks loose.  Drat.  I've read those warnings about checking your gutters for years!  At least we didn't have plants growing in ours.

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