Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kitchen remodeling mistakes

An article in the Real Estate section in today's paper quoted Consumer Reports' list of the five worst design goofs in kitchen remodelling:

1. Oversizing the island.

2. Too little storage.

3. Not enough ventilation.

4. Not enough light.  "Under-cabinet lighting is a must."

5.Visible garbage...  (I assume they're talking about the waste basket!  Yikes!!  I'm supposed to have my hands full of garbage and somehow open a cabinet and splatter it with crud?  I don't think so!)



Anonymous said...

As a 20 yr. appliance salesman, I would like to add a #6 as the most frustrating of all kitchen remodeling mistakes.

6.  Pick your new refrigerator before you design the enclosed alcove which is supposed to look so pretty.  Refrigerators ARE NOT standard sizes.  Better yet, leave 36.5" wide and 71" high to play it safe for almost any model.


Anonymous said...


Thank you!  I totally agree.  I left lots of space for our fridge in the new house; I decided not to have cabinets flanking it on the left, and there's plenty of space overhead.  And I saw on an episode of Generation Renovation a couple who had to shoehorn their fridge into its space.  The deliverymen refused to try to do it.

Anonymous said...

Btw, I have the wastebasket to the left of my refrigerator.