Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pet safety on a building site

Xena stayed with me on our house building site, and naturally I kept an eye out for hazards.  I picked up roofing nails and building materials and also food that the guys sometimes left lying around.  There was a dumpster, but stuff was scattered everywhere.  I put a garbage can close by to make it easier for them.  I did some sweeping now and then, if the cleaning crew hadn't gotten to it.  Also, since screens don't go in until later--so they don't get damaged--that was a minor problem--because she didn't start jumping out of windows until almost the time when the screens went in.  Boy, was she surprised one day when she tried to jump out through a screen.  She rebounded back, and the screen fell outside, but she didn't do that again.  So, look at your building site, if you're visiting it with your dog, from the view of a dog's feet and mouth. And, of course, don't let it get into fresh concrete, mortar mix, or any chemical products, and watch out for vehicles!


Anonymous said...

This is excellent information, and well worth passing on to anyone visiting a building site with pets... or children.  If the building site is not being picked up or kept clean, consider having your dogs wear dog booties to protect their feet from various hazards, and if your dog likes to gulp stuff down quickly, a light muzzle might keep any potential choking problems from happening.

Anonymous said...

Also important to remember is wearing the proper clothes when visiting a building site--for the owners, particularly women (this is uncommon common sense) do not wear high, or spiked heels, platforms, or sandals, but flat running or hiking shoes or boots, and a pants suit is better than a tight dress or mini skirt.  Keep the sensible shoes in the car and you can change into them after work (if it's still light enough to see) before visiting the site.