Thursday, August 31, 2006

Katrina: One Year Later (links)

Katrina: One Year Later
On the hurricane's anniversary, much of the work has yet to begin.

August 4: The Damage
  Katrina's Damage: A Tale of Two Disasters
  Damaged Goods: A Breakdown of the Devastation

August 11: The Clean-Up
  Fighting Off Vultures in Hurricane Katrina's Wake
  Nothing's Normal in Rebuilding New Orleans

August 18: Being There
  The State of New Orleans: Still Holding Its Breath
  The State of New Orleans: 1984 All Over Again

August 25: Far-Reaching Effect
  Katrina Wreaks Havoc on Contractors' Future
  Storms Stir Up Concerns about Codes



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Anonymous said...

The codes article was interesting; Florida finally cleaned up its codes...