Friday, August 11, 2006


Short Story Anthology, Edited by EJ McFall Coming soon to ebook and paperback!

WomanScapes is a collection of alternative visions written by women, about women. The tales take place on distant planets, once upon a bygone age, in the realm of mythic creatures, and in seemingly ordinary backyards. Each author has created her own unique landscape of the imagination. Each reader must decide for themselves if they are ready to enter these strange worlds of Other Where and Other When.

In WomanScapes, you will meet...

  • a septuagenarian adventurer determined to share a drink with a dragon
  • endangered life forms trying to coexist with hordes of invading tourists
  • a Mangcansten glamourer whose job is to hunt down an elusive brink
  • a disillusioned scientist who holds the future of the spoiled Earth in her hands
  • ordinary, unsuspecting women who encounter ghostly beings, very odd neighbors, and curious fairy folk
  • the Gastonian governor who must juggle a family holiday and a planetary threat
  • a slave who risks everything to escape to freedom
  • suffragettes facing danger at a women’s rights rally
  • a 1940s Hollywood starlet who faces blackmail and the threat of media exposure

The WomanScapes authors have donated their talent in order to benefit worldwide humanitarian relief efforts. So join them as they spin fourteen very curious tales for one very good cause!

WomanScapes Authors
Nancy Sampson Bach
EB Clutter
Kathryn Mattingly
Marilyn Penner
Kim Sheard

For more information: Short Story Anthology to Benefit Humanitarian Aid

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