Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Home ideas

The October issue of Country Home has an interesting article, The 'Just Right' House, about a couple who built three homes before building their "forever house."  All of them were on Martha's Vineyard--which must be really built up now.  She chose soapstone counters for their matte finish; she "didn't want anything too hard or shiny like granite."  And she used linoleum flooring (it's soft underfoot); she also used peg racks in the mudroom.  
The Shopgirl column in Country Home has interesting ideas and products.  This month's column includes a Formica laminate product that has "the luxe look of vertically striated wood (a HOT trend in Italy's hippest homes) ..."  And Designer Series windows with between-the-glass nature patterns; Fossil Leaf is pretty, but a little cluttered.
Another article, Getting Personal, is an interview with actors Kerry Washington and David Moscow, focusing on their eco-conscious home, a small West Hollywood bungalow.  (For more background and photos on them, you can visit the countryhome.com website.)  The article includes a list of where to find organic cotton sheets, towels, and bedding; the catalogs include Gaiam, VivaTerra [I've mentioned these two in earlier posts.], and Anna Sova.   

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