Monday, September 18, 2006

So...You Want to Build a House (new book)

So...You Want to Build a House
J.M. Gore & William Null
McGraw-Hill: 2006
J.M. Gore is a realtor & William Null a builder, and together they have written a very helpful book.  From the introduction--where you learn the importance of gathering information to make decisions, staying in your budget, and avoiding delays--to the comprehensive workbook (plenty of room for schedules, materials, subcontractors, etc.) and index, this is a useful book; and it also includes samples of the various forms you'll work with. The authors cover the basics of surveys, soil testing, easements, architects, house plans/blueprints, construction loans, liens, hard & soft costs, the importance of  the value of houses in your neighborhood, resale and upgrades values, etc.; and they list and discuss the things that add to your construction cost: roof pitch, gables, plumbing and wiring, ceilings, fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, and change orders!    
Having written a book myself about building a house, Building a Cool House for Hot Times without Scorching the Pocketbook, I was impressed by their book; they cover what you need to know, and they also point out that each house and property is unique, plus they've included examples of problems that homeowners have had to deal with.  I learned a lot, including pitfalls I missed, fortunately.  I'm keeping this book for building my next house.

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