Sunday, October 1, 2006

Concrete-log homes

They're building concrete-log homes now.  I read about them in the November 2006 issue of Log Homes Illustrated.  (Check out the editorial.)  The logs in the photo of the home are formed from concrete to look like 16 inch hand-hewn logs with chinking.  (I've always preferred hand-hewn logs to round logs.)

Another article, New Dimension: Logs Add Natural Character to Not-So-Log Homes, has lots of photos illustrating log-accent homes.  You don't have to build a log home to get log-home flavor.

There's an interesting article, Breaking with Tradition, in that issue that tells you not to be limited by what you think is traditional in a log home--or any home.  "...much of what we think as traditional, even necessary, items in creating a living space are, in fact, cast in our minds rather than in stone."

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