Thursday, October 5, 2006

Ideas as Art (my latest article)

The Idea Boutique lets authors share how they come up with ideas for their stories.  My latest contribution (see archives for my earlier pieces) is about the sentient plants in my stories, Seedlings and Crystal Quest, in the Magistria anthologies.  And it includes a  cartoon with sentient plants that was created at a recent SF convention; I really enjoyed watching the artists come up with those fun ideas.     Link: The Idea Boutique


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this.

But I have questions with regard to sentient plants:  what about Wise potato
chips?  Are kindling related twigs?  Is there another type of stem cell
research that scientists are overlooking?  Is branching out a deliberate act
or just something phototropic (photogenic)?  Are two heads of lettuce better
than one?  Are carrots sight for sore eyes?  And is beauty in the eye of the
potato?  Should you leaf alone a Marlena Dietrich bush?  Are maple trees sap
happy?  Does mixing apples and oranges cause fights?  Do cones really pine?

You can probably write stories answering most of these questions.

Vin Miskell

Anonymous said...

Btw, Vincent Miskell's poems have been published in recent issues of Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine and elsewhere.