Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Architecture of the Imagination

"There was no sign that the Perilous Gard was 'old' or even a 'castle,'  ...  The walls were paneled in polished oak, finer even than the Princess Elizabeth's own bedchamber at Hatfield, and one wall was hung with a great tapestry showing ladies dressed in green, ...   The plaster ceiling was exquisitely molded in an intricate strap-work design.  The lattice windows flashed and sparkled with coats of arms painted on the glass.  There were blue velvet cushions on both window seats; the long mirror that hung on the wall beside the bed was framed in gold... 
Kate rose..., and pushing back the lattice of the nearest window, leaned out to see if she could get any idea of the shape of the house. 
...She was looking down into a paved courtyard surrounded on three sides by high gray battlemented walls and towers.  ..."
From The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope

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