Monday, November 27, 2006


Flashback is part of my Sugar Time (time travel) series.  (The other stories were published as an audiobook.)  It's available in Hadrosaur Tales #16: Hadrosaur Tales Magazine .  It's also available at Magazines (The Genre Mall).

Issue #16

* The Thrake by Neal Asher
* Learning from the Tree Girl by Nicholas J. Perry
* Healing Bobby by Randy D. Ashburn
* The Genie in the Bottle by Terry Bramlett
* Leadfield by Michelle Scott
* The River and the Galaxy Plant by Robert Allen
* The Dragon Griswynd by R.D. Robbins
* Ventana Cave by Gary Every
* Loyalists by Mark Anthony Brennan
* The King of Balloons by Mark Fewell
* Flashback by Joy V. Smith

* Just Before Sleep Shift on the Starship by Mario Milosevic
* The Beast of a Thousand Nights by Joseph V. Danoski
* Echo Forward by Jennifer Crow
* Evolution by Christina Sng
* The Queen of the Moon by K.S. Hardy
* Dreams of Andromeda by Joseph V. Danoski
* 4 Haiku by William Woodruff
* Drunken Astronomers by Gary Every
* Upon the Dragon's Wings by Alessio Zanelli
* The Explorer by Marlene Skerbec
* Coming to the Aid of the Party by Steve Sneyd
* When the Carnival Comes to Town by G.O. Clark
* Swatting at Sunlight by L.B. Sedlacek

* The Widow's Walk by William Grother

Cover Art:
Tom Weighill

Note: "The Thrake" by Neal Asher that appears in Hadrosaur Tales 16 received an Honorable Mention in Gardner Dozois' 21st Annual Edition of "The Year's Best Science Fiction."

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Anonymous said...

Btw, Loyalists by Mark Anthony Brennan, is a great alternate history story.