Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tips for building your house

There's a helpful article in the 2007 Annual Buyer's Directory of Log Homes Illustrated: Build Better: Ten Tips to Smooth the Construction of Your Log Home.  The tips include record keeping (get everything in writing and keep a journal), opting out of lighting and landscaping packages, staying organized, resisting small upgrades (they add up), and visiting the building site as often as possible (every evening if you can).  Good advice, though I have to say that we skipped a number of small upgrades and ended up spending more money because we retrofitted some things later.  We'd have saved money by buying then and having it installed by the builder rather than paying for some things (lights, doorbell, etc.) twice and having the replacements installed later.  And visiting the house and catching mistakes (theirs and yours) in time is smart.  We made a couple bad paint color choices and had to make changes, and we caught them laying the wrong tile in two rooms.  They had reversed the colors; fortunately the closet didn't matter.

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