Saturday, December 9, 2006

Black is the new holiday color

Yep, we're talking about Christmas.  "Black is so holiday," says a designer in No Bah Humbug Here (by Helena Oliviero/Cox News Service), an article in today's real estate section.  "From Atlanta's Phipps Plaza to Target, ... [it] is making a splashy debut this season."  You can buy an artificial white tree and spray paint it black; and you can put gold, silver, or clear ornaments on it.  And there are black ribbons, black and silver ornaments, and even penguin shaped ornaments.  The black Christmas tree's trendy roots go back to last year in England...  Remember that this is a fad; next year it might be purple.


Anonymous said...

Oh so true.  The reason why maybe buying a white tree, decorate with black ornaments and etc would be more practical....unless you have a lot of money!!!

Anonymous said...


I like the idea of a white tree with black ornaments!  And then you can decide which of your old ornaments (I have some I really like) might go with that.  And then next year, purple ornaments will work better with a white tree than a black tree, I think.