Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Architecture of the Imagination

"...the Convent of the Holy Spirit was awesome. proud the [man] who had built it must have been of his beautiful house.  His wife...had been born in Paris and had taken Directoire ideas and married them to Old British Empire with verandahs.  It was built of red brick with cornices and gargoyles and was so very, very vulgar that it was magnificent.  Its total disregard of all canons of taste was dramatic and oddly endearing.

'...those gargoyles seem familiar...aha, I have it.  Notre Dame, of course.'

The left-hand of the three doors was the front door, panelled in blue glass like the wings of tropical butterflies...

[They stopped] before a wooden door which appeared to have been made out of a solid block of mahogany.

[They were ushered] across the shining sea of parquet to another door..."

From Death at the Victoria Dock by Kerry Greenwood  

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