Friday, January 19, 2007

How Clean Is Your House?

I enjoy a lot of shows on HGTV: House Hunters, If Walls Could Talk, Mission: Organization, etc.; but here's a new and scary show, How Clean Is Your House?!  It's on BBCAmerica, and I just learned about it from their e-newsletter.  It sounds like it goes beyond organization to--gulp--deep cleaning.  I like those pink plastic gloves with the pink fuzzy cuffs though. 

Dust-busting divas, Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie, tackle some of the messiest, most cluttered, and disorganized homes you're ever laid eyes on! Armed with helpful tips, tough love and some major elbow grease, each week the ladies whip a new set of homeowners into shape, turning their horrifying homes into shiny new diamonds!

Premieres January 17th at 9:30pm et/10:30pm pt. Part of Lifestyle Wednesdays!


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Anonymous said...

Since we're planning to sell, we've learned quite a lot about "deep cleaning" which is about as much fun as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but perhaps "How Clean is Your House?" will give us a few tips on how to make it easier.