Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Utility rooms

There's a useful article on utility rooms in the February 2007 issue of Country Home.  The before picture is really cluttered.  They built a floor to ceiling closet that's 5 1/2" deep for small items and added walls to frame the washer and dryer and a laminate counter over them.  They have front controls so they can do that.  In my utility room I'd need access from the sides to retrieve clothes that occasionally fall behind the machines.  They skirted the washer & dryer to hide them.  (I have to confess I don't care for curtains for closets, etc.; they're in the way and have to be cleaned.)  They also have their recycling bin with wheels, a pegboard for paintbrushes & hand tools (now that's nifty; mine are in the cabinets), and an armoire with bins for other things.  I came across another idea for hiding your washer and dryer in the February 2005 issue of Country Home.  They're covered with painted panelling, and there are matching cabinets overhead, which make it look like a hutch.  It's a fantastic look. 

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