Saturday, February 17, 2007

To build or not to build...

Well, we're thinking about building again.  Once again, we don't want to build, but as Robert Sullivan says in his article, This New House, in the Construction 101 section (Dwell, March 2004), "I've seen all the so-called architectural wonders and ... ruins that make ancient things in Egypt look doable rehab-wise, ... [and] The new 'gabled estates' that have more rooms than prairie gopher communities do...  [But] building a dream house... could be more than my emotional load-bearing wall could handle."
The 16 steps piece in Construction 101 includes your budget, choosing designs and materials, and the punch list.  (Our previous builders were wonderful about taking care of our punch lists.)  Other articles in Construction 101 include financing and permits, working with a contractor, and the client (by Tom Silva).

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