Saturday, March 17, 2007

Building a new house

It's time to build a new house again.  I love the old one, but we're planning to downsize (the land, not the house) and move further north.  So, we're browsing north Florida.  We want a smaller city, but not too small... 
Update: We thought about an acre (we have five acres now), but we're really tired of planting, mowing, watering, fighting weeds and fire ants, etc., so we decided on a half acre lot that's almost perfect; and it should have privacy behind it, plus a nice view from the back porch.  (It's not real far from Gainesville.  If we'd located further west, we could have done our shopping in Thomasville, Georgia.)  Now we're dealing with the paperwork on that.
The next step will be house plans.  We decided to work with our old house plans, with a few changes.  That'll cost more, but we wanted to fix a few things; the house will be a little bigger because of that.  We found a builder who is also a realtor.  He's the one who found us our lot and drove us around the countryside looking at other lots.  (He also brought up on his computer the lots I'd found in the real estate guides.)
I was hoping that our next house would be sited the same way this one is, with the back porch protecting us (along with the cathedral oak, which I'm going to miss) from the east sun and the front porch protecting us from the west.  At least the west side of the house has fewer windows and maybe the garage will be on that side.

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