Thursday, March 29, 2007

A potpourri of decorating ideas

I entered a Decorate Your Bedroom Like a Garden contest some time ago, and among other things, I used a concrete bench at the end of a bed and a bird bath for a bedside table.  The room was already stenciled with lots of flowers so that worked.  Then I brought in a potting bench and put books on it. 
Using old doors as paneling for a room is an old idea, but I came across it again recently in a Better Homes & Garden mailing.  And they said that the combination of chocolate and aqua is in.  (I'd read somewhere earlier that brown was hot.) 
And in a home magazine not long ago, they used a brightly striped pink queen size sheet as a dust ruffle.  It looked beautiful.  (Pink is one of my favorite colors.)  I've been using queen sized sheets as throws on the sofa for ages.
In the latest Gaiam Living catalog, I saw a Rise and Shine lamp.  Timed light gradually brightens the room and the sounds of nature wake you.  I like that idea!  (It includes a radio and alarm clock and costs $199.)
For decorating your food, thyme is the next trendy herb.  It can go on every course, including dessert.  (I gleaned this from the food section in the paper.)  For more recipes, go to
Btw, I didn't win the contest, but I still have a concrete bench at the end of my bed.  You do learn to move carefully around it, but it stands up well to dogs jumping on and off it.

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