Thursday, March 8, 2007

Practical energy saving (link)

Headlines today can put home buyers in a frenzy to contend with global warming, preserve natural resources, and help the United States become energy-independent. But according to architect and sustainable-building advocate Peter Pfeiffer, AIA, common sense, not the latest innovation, may prove a more practical approach to building economical, energy-friendly homes.

"It's about five to 10 times quicker return on the investment to do energy conservation than create a new form of energy production," said Pfeiffer during a lecture at the 2006 Energy and Environmental Building Association's (EEBA) Excellence in Building Conference and Expo. "What this means for builders is that it is much cheaper to build a home that consumes less energy than to build a home that tries to be an energy producer through solar collectors or a wind-powered system on the roof."

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